Technics SL-1200MK7


The original version of this well-regarded DJ turntable went off the market roughly eight years ago, but vinyl’s popularity has surged since then. Now, Panasonic is bringing back the SL1200 aimed at DJs—it’s good for scratching—and people who like lots of damping because they stomp around their house and make their records skip.

The SL-1200MK7 heralds the return of a design classic originating in the ‘70s and gaining legendary status with world class and wannabe spinners ever since. The turntable retains its iconic styling, but adds upgrades aiming to have crossfading vinyl junkies hooked all over again.

Timing couldn’t be better. Vinyl sales grew by a double digit percentage again in 2018, moving nearly 10 million units. Among that crowd is a whole new generation amassing crates of plates and considering DJing in the format.

Even if you have no intention of cutting, mixing or scratching your record collection, you don’t have to be a DJ, aspiring or otherwise, to own a Technics turntable.

The SL-1200 series was originally intended for home use, before being adopted by DJs due to its damping and feedback resistance qualities. The MK7 will be sold separately when it goes on sale in the summer for an expected £899.

It represents a change of tact from Technics, which has busied itself with audiophile Hi-Fi separates since its resurrection. It’s just a shame People Just Do Nothing has come to an end because the Kurupt FM boys would be in raptures.

However, the MK7 is following in the footsteps of some legendary forefathers, so is the new SL-1200 good enough to grace pirate radio station airwaves and leave us all clambering for a branded bomber jacket?